Volunteer Drivers


Jewish Family Services

The Thelma Steinman Seniors Support Services Unit of JFS is looking for several volunteers to provide drives for Jewish Seniors. Their needs are current and ongoing, and familiarity with consistent drivers is beneficial to their well-being, so we are hoping to create a team of volunteers who would each commit to at least one drive per month. The term of commitment will be determined by the volunteers needs.

1. URGENT: A Senior woman living in Westboro and experiencing frailty requires bi-weekly rides for necessary errands.

2. An elderly Russian couple living on Prince of Wales Drive requires transportation to and from Walmart on a weekly basis. Scheduling is flexible.

3. A Senior women living in Craig Henry requires a ride to and from Loblaws at College Square every 2nd Thursday to access the Kosher Food department.


The Tikvah Program of JFS assists vulnerable adult members of our Jewish community who live on a low income. The driving opportunities listed below will appeal to volunteers with good interpersonal skills and who are sensitive to the variety of issues faced by those at risk of poverty.

1. A male in his fifties needs a drive to and from a grocery store bi-weekly, and to and from a bank on a bi-monthly basis. The client and both destinations are in Vanier. He does not require any assistance with his errands. His scheduling is flexible. The time commitment for each ride would be approximately one hour.

2. A Senior woman living in the downtown core requires bi-weekly drives to different locations across the city; the route is not static. While she does not need assistance to do her errands/shopping, the volunteer driver will accompany her, as opposed to dropping her off and returning for pick up. The volunteer will also assist her in carrying items purchased to her apartment, which is in a walk-up apartment building.

Jewish Family Services provides training to volunteers specific to the needs of the clients they serve. Ongoing support is provided throughout the time they choose to volunteer with us. If you have any questions at all regarding the opportunities listed above, or about volunteering with JFS, please call George Sladowski, Volunteer Coordinator, at 613-722-2225, ext. 350, or email gsladowski@jfsottawa.com


Ten Yad

Ten Yad is always looking for volunteer drivers to help deliver food to families during challenging or extraordinary times. For more information contact info@tenyad.ca or call 613-618-0485.


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