The Jewish Federation of Ottawa is the central fundraising and planning organization of our Jewish community. Our mission is to advance and promote an exceptional quality of Jewish life.

Every year, millions of dollars raised through the Annual Campaign are distributed to programs run by our more than 20 partner agencies that deliver educational, cultural and social services locally, nationally and internationally. Through these programs we strive to build community, educate Jewishly, help the vulnerable, and support Israel.


For a visual on where your donation goes, visit Follow Your Dollars.


2017-2018 School Funding Report

OUR IMPACT - 2017 Impact Report

2017-2018 Case for Community

2017 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

2016 Young Family Survey Report

2016-2017 Case for Community

Report on Program Organizational Funding for 2016-17 and 2017-18

School Funding Report 2016-2017

2015-2016 Case for Community

2015 - PJ Library Annual Report

Fall 2015 - Appendices - Jewish High School Education Task Force

Fall 2015 - Jewish High School Education Task Force

2015 Annual Report

2015 Case for Community

2015 Community Survey - Jewish Retirement Residence Survey (April)

2015 Executive Summary of Jewish Retirement Residence Survey (April)

2015 Report of the Allocations Task Force

2015-2016 School Funding Report

2014-2015 School Funding report

2014-2015 Community Program Funding report

2014 Annual Report

Strategic Plan 2014-2019

Federation Strategic Plan - Appendix A - SWOT Analysis

Federation Strategic Plan - Appendix B - Ottawa Jewish Community's Demographics

Federation Strategic Plan - Appendix C - Federation Strategic Plans in Past 10 years

Federation Strategic Plan - Appendix D - Feedback Summary from Community Consultations

Executive Summary of 2014-2019 Plan - Graphic

2011 National Household Survey Analysis / The Jewish Population of Canada Part 1: Basic Demographics Part 2: Jewish Populations in Geographic Areas

2011 National Household Survey Analysis / The Jewish Community of Ottawa Part 3: Jewish Seniors Part 4: The Jewish Poor

2011 Demographics Census Presentation