Innovative Capacity Building Fund

This fund provides the means for Federation-funded agencies and partners to strengthen and improve their organizations, programs, and services through a one-time allocation of funds. As the name implies, this donor-led grant rewards innovation, creativity, and collaborative approaches that benefit multiple agencies. Grants of up to $10,000 are available.


The following types of projects are eligible for this grant:
Projects that improve organizational health (evaluation of programming, employee satisfaction, review of governance, improved financial structure, etc.)
Pilot projects
Collaborative projects that bring multiple organizations together to coordinate the delivery of a service or improve the delivery of an existing service
Projects that collectively address a specific problem or enhance community assets
The application of new or different methods of delivering an existing program or service
One-time educational programs or conferences for a wide audience and support work already being done

Next Round: Spring 2020

Who can apply?                                                                       

Agencies currently funded by the Jewish Federation of Ottawa and local synagogues are eligible to apply. These agencies are encouraged to partner with other agencies and organizations (partners need not be currently funded organizations, as long as the lead organization is currently funded).

How do I apply?

Please contact Kara Goodwin at during the application process with any questions or concerns, or to discuss your application and to submit your completed and final application.

When can I apply?

Spring 2020 will be the next round for this fund. Please check this page for updates.