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Israel Connect

Israel Connect is a not-for-profit organisation that partners students in Israel with retired volunteers in North America world. The volunteer and student meet once a week, via video conferencing software, for a half hour conversation. The purpose of these conversations is to provide an immersion experience to Israeli students who otherwise would not have the access. At the same time, these conversations provide a wonderful light social interaction for our volunteers, connecting them to our homeland. There is a light curriculum that takes students and volunteers on a tour of Israel.

Each Israel Connect volunteer is matched with one student in Israel. Due to the seven-hour time difference, the sessions take place in the North American morning while the students are finishing their school day. Every set of partners is given a consistent time and date on which they connect weekly, between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM EST.

The ideal volunteer is generally a retired or semi-retired individual, with 30 minutes to spare in the morning.


For more information contact Sarah Gordon at, or call (613) 869-7197.


High School Math & Science Tutor

If you know a High School student struggling in Math/Science one of our community volunteers is happy to help. For more information please contact Lindsay Gottheil at

Have Questions? We're here to help! For more information, contact Lindsay: 613-798-4698 ext.355,