Linda Kerzner, Board Chair


Born and raised in Ottawa, Linda has earned her reputation as a doer, a person who takes on a project and gets the job done.  Linda retired seven years ago after a 30-year career spanning the field of human resources, business ownership of both an international recruiting firm and a technology training company, and ultimately as CEO of the Soloway Jewish Community Centre (SJCC).


Linda’s numerous volunteer activities started as a teenager under the mentorship of her uncle, community leader Hy Hochberg, and have mirrored key times in her family and professional life cycle. 


Linda rose to senior volunteer positions in a variety of organizations including ORT, Hillel Academy, JNF, the SJCC, Hillel Lodge, Hillel Campus Life, Lion of Judah division, Women's Annual Campaign, the Federation, Dragon Boat Israel, the Queensway-Carleton Hospital and Heart and Stroke Foundations and the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival.  

Professionally, she served on the Boards of the Women's Business Network, the Board of Trade, the Human Resources Professional Association and the Jewish Community Centres of Canada and North America.  

Linda is dedicated to the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam - repairing the world - and puts her time and commitment into ensuring that we have a vibrant, growing, diverse and cohesive community here, in Israel and abroad for generations to come. Linda is supported by her husband, Steven, and shares her passion for volunteerism with their children Jessica and Lorne.


“Getting involved and rolling up my sleeves is the best way for me to truly make a difference.”

Stuart Ages

Board of Directors


“Since the community has been good to me and my family, I believe I owe it to the community to give of my time and energy and can hopefully add some value.”

David Appotive

Board of Directors

“Serving on the Federation’s board provides a fresh, new and direct opportunity to give back to the community.”

Harold Feder

Board of Directors

“Working with Federation is an opportunity to support and shape the Jewish community and Jewish experiences of Ottawa for me and my young family, for today and for years into the future.”

Stacy Goldstein

Board of Directors

“By serving on the Grants and Evaluation Committee and the Board, I can help support our agencies become strong and self sustaining with the ability to serve all the needs of our community.”

Arlene Wortsman

Secretary, Board of Directors

“My involvement on Federation’s board began many years ago with the goal of enriching our Jewish Community today & for many years to come. I am looking forward to serving my two-year term as past chair with the exact same goal in mind."

Steven Kimmel

Outgoing Chair, Board of Directors

“As someone born and raised in Ottawa, who greatly benefited from what our local Jewish community has to offer, I am deeply committed to the continued success and growth of our Jewish community."

Jason Shinder

Treasurer, Board of Directors

“I want to be fully connected to the Jewish community and make a small contribution to its health and vitality.”

Hartley Stern

Incoming Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

“I have chosen to serve as a Jewish Federation of Ottawa board member to contribute to and be a part of something meaningful, for myself, my family and my community."

Lenora Zelikovitz

Board of Directors

"I come from a family of proud volunteers. Volunteering is an opportunity to have an impact on individual lives and make our Ottawa Jewish community stronger - to ensure the continuity of our traditions while evolving to meet the needs of the future."

Danya Vered, Board of Directors

"Many years, my family and I have enjoyed so many benefits run by the Federation and its associated agencies. It is hard to imagine what our Jewish lives would be like without services like the community day school for our two kids, or the SJCC and all its activities, or other social services. Now it's my turn to volunteer time for the board, and work with other volunteers and staff on the challenges of communicating, reaching out and helping community relations. This will be an honour and a responsibility.

Victor Rabinovitch, Board of Directors