Ottawa’s Grinspoon Award for Excellence in Jewish Education

Celebrating successful innovation in Jewish education


Next Call for Nominations will be March 2019

Help recognize exceptional teachers or leaders in the Jewish community for their successful innovation in Jewish education and lasting impact on the lives of Jewish individuals in our community by nominating them! This prestigious award has recognized over 700 outstanding Jewish Educators, in over 78 different communities across North America in the past 15 years, including 9 from Ottawa.
The award is open to exceptional:
• Teachers in Jewish Preschools, Day Schools, and Supplementary Schools
• Leaders or teachers of Jewish adult education classes
• Leaders of Jewish education in camps and youth groups
• Teachers of higher education in universities and colleges
Nominees must demonstrate:
• The ability to develop and implement creative, innovative, and engaging Jewish learning experiences
• The ability to inspire, motivate, and challenge individuals to want to learn more about
• Jewish life and Judaism, and/or to live meaningful Jewish lives


To nominate someone for this award
1) Nominators may be colleagues, students, parents, or supervisors that are very familiar with the educator’s art of teaching
2) Complete nominations form (not currently available)
3) The nominee must complete the Educator Form that will be sent after nomination
4) All forms and required attachments must be submitted.


Selection Process & Award

A local selection committee consisting of representatives from Federation’s Board of Directors will select nominees from Ottawa. The final award winner will be selected by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. The award winner will receive:

• Community gift of $500 from the Jewish Federation of Ottawa, plus a $500 award from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation
• Plaque from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation
• Local and national publicity and acknowledgment, in print and online
• Listing on the Harold Grinspoon Foundation website
• An invitation to participate in an online community of practice

For more information please contact Scott Goldstein at

Previous Winners

2005     Chana Hayes Cheder Rambam
2005 Deborah Teitelbaum Torah Academy
2006 Rabbi Shmuel Dov Yarmush Torah Academy
2007 Rabbi Yehuda Simes Hillel Academy
2008 Shaya Rodal Yitzhak Rabin High
2009 Rabbi Howard Finkelstein Yitzhak Rabin High
2011 Sheli Braun Ottawa Jewish Community School
2013 Dina Blum Chabad Hebrew School (Ottawa Torah Centre)
2015 Erin Gailor Westboro Jewish Montessori Preschool (Jewish Youth Library)
2017 Gaby Scarowsky NCSY and Torah High


"Who are the Guardians of the city?
... the Teachers of Torah and the Teachers of Mishnu"
Pesikhta de Rav Kahane XV, 126b