To mark Canada’s 150th, The Ottawa Jewish Bulletin is running series of essays celebrating the contributions to our country of historically significant Jews.






Ezekiel Hart, 1767-1843, was the first Jew elected to public office in Canada. more






Samuel Bronfman, 1889-1971, founded a dynasty of business and Jewish communal leaders






Herb Grey, 1931-2014, Canada's first first Jewish federal cabinet minister










Constance Glube 1931 - 2016, Chief Justice of Nova Scotia was first female justice in Canada more







Albert Mendelsohn, 1917 - 1995, first Jewish general in the Canadian Army more







Lawrence "Lorry" Greenberg, 1933 - 1999, Ottawa's first Jewish mayor








Bora Laskin, 1912 - 1984, Canada's first Jewish chief justice







Cecil Hart, 1883 - 1940, Jewish Coach of the Montreal Canadians








David Lewis, 1909 - 1981, Only Jewish leader of a federal political party


To mark Canada’s 150th, a photography exhibition is being curated by the Ottawa Jewish Archives. The exhibit, Face to Face/Vis á Vis, will highlight the contributions made by notable Jewish Ottawans to Canada’s public service and political landscape throughout its 150 year history.  The exhibit is set to open in July 2017. Please stay tuned for more details.

Canada 150 - our country`s official website of events and information here

Ottawa 2017 - be a tourist in our own city here





Tuesday, April 4 - December 12
Daily, 10 am - 6 pm 

Canadian Jewish Experience (CJE) is pleased to announce the public opening of its nine-panel bilingual exhibit covering these major themes: war and peace, public service, human rights, economic growth, the arts, culture and sport. The CJE will also include lectures on related topics and a dedicated website.

The CJE invites you to visit the site, and welcomes volunteers who are willing to meet with visitors. This is an opportunity for you to meet with Canadians from across the country that will be in Ottawa to celebrate Canada's milestone. Please contact for further information or if you would like to volunteer for a few hours.
30 Metcalfe St.