Care for the Vulnerable Fund

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What kinds of activities are eligible?

Educational programs that deal with prevention New and creative programs and services that support the vulnerable, promote inclusion and accessibility to Jewish life Technological enhancements to improve delivery of care Seed funding for pilot projects for services and support Scaling up of existing initiatives/programs Technology enhancements


Maximum length of grant
Programs/initiatives are eligible for one grant. However, the grant can be spread over 3 years, if desired. After the first year of funding, in order to maintain eligibility (if appropriate by all other measures), applicants must develop grant phase-out plans and funding sustainability strategies.


Federation’s Desired Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Improvement in care and quality of life for vulnerable people impacted by grant (as reported by recipient organizations who can share general info about improvements in health outcomes, observed behaviours, and other quality of life measures they track)
  • Increase in accessibility and inclusion (as reported by recipient organization(s))
  • Organization agrees to administer necessary survey and/or reporting requirements (e.g., minimum of people attending a workshop)

When can organizations apply?

Applications are due by February 10, 2020.

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For more information, please contact Kara Goodwin, Director of Community Collaboration at

Eligibility requirements to be considered for funding

Applications will only be accepted for consideration, if the following prerequisites are met and agreed to:

  • Activity, program or service must serve the vulnerable or help prevent future vulnerability among Ottawa’s Jewish community
  • Activity/program fits with the goals of Federation, caring for the vulnerable and/or increasing inclusion and accessibility
  • Organizations agree:
    • To administer necessary survey and/or reporting requirements
    • To guidelines re: Federation logo and promotion as a funder, etc.
  • Organizations accept funding with the full understanding:
    • Funding is for a maximum of 3 years and then the specific program/initiative is no longer eligible for funding
    • After the first year of funding, in order to maintain eligibility (if appropriate by all other measures), applicants must develop phase-out plan or sustainability funding strategies to ensure ongoing viability


Evaluation Criteria

A committee will rank applications on the following criteria.

  • The service offered fills a gap, has an element of uniqueness or differentiation and/or will be offered in partnership with another local organization(s)
  • Efficacy of action plan (clear work-plan and time lines; accurate budget projection; strong case for the initiative; ability to meet eligibility requirements)
  • Funding helps improve the lives of vulnerable members of Ottawa’s Jewish community:
    • Access
    • Inclusion
    • Prevention
    • Enhances capacity of organizations in the delivery of care
  • Confidence that short-term funding will have long-term impact: either because short-term is what is required, or the organization has the ability to secure alternative sources of future if a pilot program proves successful