Federation is dedicated to building a Jewish Superhighway of meaningful experiences and Jewish journeys; where Jewish life is vibrant and no one is left behind.

Critical to its success is a forward-thinking strategic budget with new investments in innovative Jewish experiences that bring more people onto the Jewish Superhighway.

But a new vision does not mean losing sight of existing responsibilities to agencies and programs. Annual allocations to deliver ongoing services that sustain and nurture the Jewish community will continue.

The Jewish Superhighway will focus on:

• Inspired Jewish experiences for all ages;
• Enriched Jewish education and learning;
• Compassionate care for our most vulnerable;
• A safe and secure community.

Imagine the Superhighway as a metaphor for busy, active, fulfilling, joyous Jewish life. It is accessed and intersected by a multitude of “on-ramps” and “pathways” made up of programs and projects for all ages, interests and needs.

To realize this vision, Federation will need to raise an additional $1.7 million. Flowing from this will be a more nimble and dynamic allocations process that funds organizations and individuals who can make a difference.

Jewish engagement and outreach initiatives
- Micro-grants and funding boosts to create exciting programs and projects to engage more people in Jewish life.

- Incentivize participation in Jewish life for people of all ages.

Enriched Jewish education and learning
Excellence in day schools and supplemental schools
- Initiatives to allow students to experience cutting-edge technologies and instruction, for example: French and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) lessons; funds to improve the quality of education and support for differently abled learners.

Compassionate care for our most vulnerable
Special education support
- More classroom help for children.

Technological upgrades for social services agencies
- Better computer systems and programs that make work more efficient.

A safe and secure community
Extended campus security
- Equipment and hardware, lighting, etc. to keep campus safe.

Funding for security enhancements for Jewish institutions
- Specialized preparations for high holy days.

Results: A vigorous and healthy community life-cycle

A successful Jewish Superhighway represents aself-perpetuating cycle of success: more frequent and significant Jewish experiences lead to more people engaged in community, meaning more philanthropy and stronger community organizations, which brings us back to the start — creating a place where Jewish life is vibrant and no one is left behind.