Federation Funding

Program Funding
The Jewish Federation of Ottawa provides grants to local programs that help to fulfill its mandate: Building Community, Helping the Vulnerable, Educating Jewishly and Supporting Israel.  

The next round of applications for program funding begins in August of 2017. Organizations are invited to submit applications for funding for programs that strengthen the Jewish community and assist vulnerable people.

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School Funding

Details about school funding for 2015/16 are available in the School Funding Report.

For more information about Jewish education and Jewish schools in Ottawa, please follow this link.

The following Frequently Asked Questions are answered HERE!

What’s new with Federation’s program funding? What are the obligations of funded organizations?
Which organizations are eligible to apply for program funding? How does an organization apply for program funding?
What kinds of programs receive funding? What if I have questions or need assistance in completing the application?
How are programs evaluated? How and when will we be notified of funding decisions?
How are funding decisions made? How and when are grants disbursed?

For inquiries or more information, please contact Scott Goldstein, Director of Community Collaboration, at sgoldstein@jewishottawa.com or 613-798-4696 ext. 200.​