Getting to know your Federation Board of Directors

Name: Stacy Goldstein 

Profession: Chiropractor 

I was born and raised in Toronto and studied in France, London (Ontario, not so glamorous)  Israel and Australia before I met my husband Michael and moved to Ottawa in 2010.  We enjoyed five years in the Glebe, working for JET and running the Glebe Shul, and then moved to Alta Vista in 2015 to be part of the Machzikei Hadas community.   After almost 10 years in Ottawa, I am probably one of Ottawa’s biggest fans and I am actively trying to encourage other young Jewish families to move here.  #chooseottawa!  
Despite living in a different city than my immediate family, I am very close with my parents and two sisters, who are all still in Toronto.   My sisters and I now have 10 kids between us, so we have given our parents a decent amount of nachas, I hope.  :-) 
I grew up dancing and playing every sport I could, and now I channel all that love for movement into different forms of  running - running outside on the Rideau Canal, running after my three crazy wonderful kids, or running events in the Ottawa Jewish community.  My days are busy and my nights are busier!  But I honestly love being involved in so many diverse parts of the community.   


How long have you been on the board?

I am now in my third term, so in my fifth year.  I can’t believe they have kept me around so long.  


Why did you join the board?

I almost didn’t!  When I was first asked to be on the Board, I didn’t really understand the role of the Federation Board and almost declined.  I then realized that the Federation Board table was a place where big conversations happen and big decisions are made and “I wanna be in the room where it happens” (Hamilton fans anyone!?).  I came to Ottawa to make a difference in the community and there was no better place to be to help promote that growth than at the Federation Board table.  

My area of strategic community concern: Ensuring a welcoming and inclusive community

My goals are:

It’s hard to move to a new city.  I was once a newcomer in Ottawa and I appreciated every person that greeted me warmly, invited me to their home for Shabbat meals and made me feel like an instant part of the Ottawa Jewish community.   It is my hope and dream that every newcomer to Ottawa feels that way and is able to feel at home just moments after he or she arrives. 


My favourite aspect of the Ottawa Jewish community:

I love that my friends in the Ottawa Jewish community come from such a wide spectrum of backgrounds and viewpoints. Walking into the JCC, or attending events like Mitzvah Day and Yom Ha’azmaut, you meet people from different neighbourhoods, religious perspectives, and social groups all coming together to participate as a community.

Stacy Goldstein