Hartley Stern, Chair


Dr. Hartley Stern has been a Federation board member for the past three years. He is motivated by a desire to participate in rewarding work and to contribute to helping others. Among his volunteer involvement, Hartley has worked with Tamir to help them realize their dream of creating an Integrated-Living Centre on the Jewish Community Campus.


He is dedicated to ensuring that Ottawa enjoys a flourishing and robust, high-quality Jewish education system. His goal as chair is to inspire our community to recognize that we need to increase our giving to achieve our educational objectives along with other strategic plan priorities.  


Professionally, Hartley was appointed Executive Director / Chief Executive Director of the Canadian Medical Protective Association in October 2013. Prior to this, he was CEO and Executive Director of the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) in Montreal. Originally from Ottawa, he and his wife Dorothy have two children and one grandchild.



“Since the community has been good to me and my family, I believe I owe it to the community to give of my time and energy and can hopefully add some value.”

David Appotive

Board of Directors

"Serving on the Jewish Federation of Ottawa’s Board of Directors is truly an honour. Over the last 26 years, my family has been fortunate to experience the benefits of having a strong Jewish community, from Hillel Academy to Temple Israel Religious School, SJCC Day Camps and many swimming lessons at the SJCC. I look forward to contributing to the future of a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive community."

Kevin Barwin
Board of Directors

“Serving on the Federation’s board provides a fresh, new and direct opportunity to give back to the community.”

Harold Feder

Board of Directors

“Working with Federation is an opportunity to support and shape the Jewish community and Jewish experiences of Ottawa for me and my young family, for today and for years into the future.”

Stacy Goldstein

Board of Directors


"I feel blessed to live in a Jewish community that allows me to make so many Jewish choices. Whether it's synagogues, Jewish education for my children, camps, kosher selections etc., all this is only possible due to the dedication of the generations preceding me. Now it's my turn to ensure that the next generation will have even more."

Sender Gordon
Board of Directors

"My hands have been the recipients of  incredible gifts in my life. The purpose of my volunteer life is to take those gifts from my one hand and use my other hand to share those same gifts to help others."

Linda Kerzner
Past Chair, Board of Directors

"Our community, like our families, is our responsibility.  It was built by visionaries, brick by brick, institution by institution.  It has been my privilege to serve on the Boards of my shul and Hillel Academy and then to lead the Board of Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa for 10 years.  It is now my privilege to look forward to leading the Board of OJCS and being the Vice-Chair of Federation for the next two years, in order to preserve the work done by the giants of the past, and to help lead our community into the future."

Michael Polowin

Vice Chair, Board of Directors

"Many years, my family and I have enjoyed so many benefits run by the Federation and its associated agencies. It is hard to imagine what our Jewish lives would be like without services like the community day school for our two kids, or the SJCC and all its activities, or other social services. Now it's my turn to volunteer time for the board, and work with other volunteers and staff on the challenges of communicating, reaching out and helping community relations. This will be an honour and a responsibility.

Victor Rabinovitch
Board of Directors


“I am dedicated to my community to ensure a Jewish identity for my children. Through giving, I have found the more I give, the more I want to give whether it be time, donations or experience.”

Nikki Shapiro
Board of Directors

"I come from a family of proud volunteers. Volunteering is an opportunity to have an impact on individual lives and make our Ottawa Jewish community stronger - to ensure the continuity of our traditions while evolving to meet the needs of the future."

Danya Vered
Board of Directors

“I feel fortunate to serve on the JFO board alongside others who are committed and passionate about the success of the Ottawa Jewish community. I am grateful to participate in effecting a thriving community today and into the future as so many past volunteers have ensured for me, my family and the larger Jewish community of Ottawa."

Jessica Greenberg

Board of Directors